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rsz_dsci4972 Sound proofing is almost impossible in the normal everyday home. If you practice in the garage and you play drums most everyone who is not hearing challenged will hear you. You can built a room within the garage and drastically reduce the level of noise making it outside of the garage. If you are a teenager I am sure your parents have complained about your racket many times. However don’t get intent on moving the porsche out and making a band room. Talk your parents into building a new spot for porsche. Adding a layer of plywood and installing some carpet on it will help reduce the levels some and also help some with the room acoustics. Cover the window will also create a better way of keeping your drum kit from scaring the cat next door. Add some carpet to that door also. Doors are usually hollow and that is not good for keep sound in. If you have the budget sweet, dig a big ol hole in the ground and make a basement band room. Ma can have the garden on top on no one is the wiser. Another great way to do it is wait for the boss to go home and then set everything up at the shop and have a blast. Be sure to be on time the next day and pick up all the beer bottles so you don’t get busted. If your on the cheap you can cruz by the flooring shops and look for old carpet they are throwing out. Every time I have asked the owner or manager if I can grab some old carpet they never say no. Take it home, hang it out on the fence, get the garden hose and hose the carpet good. Get the ol wet dry vac out and clean that sucker. Then febreze it and you got a cheap way to help reduce db and also help some with the room acoustics. Okay it now my turn to beat on the drums, later all.

Dave, KessAudio

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  1. Write what you talk about so it comes naturally to you. If your in the creative mood then blog your heart out and make files to use at later date so you do not have to blog every day. You can just upload from the file to your website on the page you want it on.

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