Live sound engineer jobs

  • How many of you at them great rock and roll concerts ever notice the dude or gal mixing the show for all of you?

  • You see the people at what is called Front of House in the middle of where everyone is and there is all this fun looking high tech gear in there.

  • I always marveled at all them goodies in there back in the day before I became addicted to audio gear and live sound.

  •  In  becoming and audio addict I have become an Audio Music Engineer with out ever going any audio engineer training.

  • I also work behind the mixer in theater and that is so rewarding in that fact of the challenge of working with so many things happening at the same time.

  • Any live show though also creates the same challenge with multiple bands on the same stage in an afternoon.

  • First time I saw that done was at Cal Jam 2 in the infield  at the Ontario Motor Speedway in Ontario California.

  • The speedway is no longer there, it is the Mills mall now and a buddy of mine, DJ Raul is on every Wednesday doing his thing at Dave & Busters.

  • If anyone remembers the Cal Jam events you will remember many acts being up there on the same stage.

  • Heart, Ted Nugent, and many many others were doing there thing up there on the stage.

  • Back then there was no system engineering course, just knowledge passed down from one person to another and learned on the spot.

  • I have worked with people who come out of these recording engineer courses and they are completely overwhelmed at the pace of the workflow up on the stage to get the band members set up and sound checked.

  •  I want to play it loud where the music can be felt, hey if you got a 5000 watt sound system you use it right?

  • But I also want to get every instrument heard so it has it’s place in the song.

  • The singer has to be heard, the whole band and it is wonderful feeling and very rewarding when I do this.

  • So just what is a live sound engineer job description?

  • Simple, do what is needed to get it done! Oh ya and play it loud, get the ladies to dance to the music and make new friends. IMG_2170

5 Comments on “Live sound engineer jobs

  1. Dave,

    Being a tad older guy and having been going to Rock N Roll concerts since ELP in 1970, I always had a fascination for all the neat
    equipment you speak of.
    Although the sound aspect of it had always caught my attention, I must admit after I saw Pink Floyd on their last tour in May of 94′ at Tampa Stadium I discovered that I loved the lighting aspect as much as I enjoyed the sound…

    Great job sharing your passion, keep it up, my best,


    1. I remember Cal Jam 2 back in 77 I think. I was in 7th grade then and there were people hitch hiking out from there two weeks later. I think some of them got free room and board and the San Bernardino count jail. I rode my bike from Montclair to Ontario Motor speedway to catch some of the action. I remember it being very loud.

      1. Totally agree with you! If I start right away on the emails I lose track of time and prtety soon it’s noon and I’ve either emailed or facebooked the morning away. I feel drained and frustrated at my lack of discipline. Love to start my day with a devotion and/or exercise. It makes me so much more energized for the rest of the day.

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